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2016-08-22 09:57:24 Vincent Paul Mens Moisturizer

With the popularity of skin moisturizer to men, many brands have been made to cater this need. However, since there are lots of choices, finding the right one is a bit of a test. A way to find the right men’s moisturizer is to experiment with a couple of brands and see how your skin responds to it. Identify your skin type and from there, you will know which moisturizers to start testing. Men moisturizers…

Mens-MoisturizerThere are various men’s moisturizers out there and they differ in concentration and what they can offer. Some are heavy creams while some come in lighter solutions. Some moisturizers for men have essential oils, some have antioxidants, and some have SPF protection. There are also a few men’s moisturizers that have tanning effect or come as a tinted moisturizer to hide away blemishes on the face.

You should determine your needs and depending on those, you can find out what good moisturizer is right for you. Some men’s moisturizers have multiple purposes but they are a bit costly than others.

Common Ingredients to Look for in Moisturizers for Men

1. Green tea extract – this substance contains natural antioxidants that enhance the capability of the skin to fight free radicals. This also makes the skin smoother and softer.

Green tea extract
Green tea extract

2. Shea butter – this ingredient is used to lock in moisture deep into the skin. This ensures that the skin is properly hydrated and prevents moisture from easily evaporating in the air. This substance has no greasy feel when applied.

Shea butter
Shea butter

3. Silicone – this is a water-binding substance that attracts more moisture into the skin. Moisturizers for men that have this ingredient guarantees long lasting skin protection. However, find a men’s moisturizer that only have



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