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What to Look for in Anti Aging Lotions?

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2016-08-22 10:31:54 Vincent Paul Anti Aging Lotions

Anti-Aging-LotionsThere are many ingredients used in production of anti aging lotions. What you should look for when in search of a good anti aging lotion is having made from natural and organic ingredients. Natural plant extracts and essential oils are effective ingredients for anti aging creams. Olive oil, Shea butter, chamomile extract, lavender extract, and natural vitamins are just some of the ingredients a good anti aging formula should have.

Always make sure that the anti aging face lotion that you have is only made from the best and freshest natural ingredients. The best way to care for your skin as it matures come from the best ingredients in anti aging treatment.

Best Anti Aging Lotions

Alpha-Hydrox-AHA-Enhanced-Lotion1. Alpha Hydrox AHA Enhanced Lotion – this anti aging lotion contains vitamin E and 10% pure Glycolic-AHA that are very effective in reducing the appearance of skin aging signs. This lotion provides benefits such as moisture retention, texture refinement, elasticity enhancement, and Moisturizers and Skin Products improvement. This can be used on the face however avoid contact eyes and lips because it may cause irritation.

2. Kinerase Pro+Therapy Lotion with Kinetin & Zeatin – this is a light anti aging skin lotion that is very gentle on the skin. It contains kinetin and zeatin that are proven to maintain the skin’s natural moisture balance which keeps the skin looking and feeling young.


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