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2016-08-03 18:18:48 Vincent Paul Moisturizers
Hand Moisturizer

Best Hand Moisturizers for Dry Skin

Having dry, itchy skin especially during winter season can be a problem. Oftentimes, these can be distributed in the face, lips, hands, body, and feet. Yet, since our hands do a lot of work, they suffer the most when it comes to dry skin. To resolve this problem, you should use a hand moisturizer as often as possible.

Hand-MoisturizerOur hands do a lot of work and they tend to get dirty at times. Therefore, we need to wash them with soap and water to keep them clean. When you wash your hands frequently, your hands feel dry because soap can wash out the natural oil of the skin. Thus, it is important to apply the best hand moisturizer every time you wash your hands.

Moisturizers are the solution for soft and supple skin. To get the best effect in a homemade hand moisturizer, apply it when your hands are already dry and not while your hands are still wet from washing.

Here are some of the best brands in hand moisturizers.

Sephora-Daily-Hand-Moisturizer-300x1541. Sephora Daily Hand Moisturizer – this is a quick absorbing and moisture replenishing lotion that is perfect for use in the hand and body. This leaves the skin feeling smooth and silky when applied. It also allows the user to feel clean and fresh after using it. This daily moisturizer does not give a greasy feel when used.

2. Nivea Pure and Natural Hand Lotion – this hand moisturizer supports the skin natural balance and nourishes the skin by keeping it well-hydrated. This contains natural ingredients such as Agron oil which is a good source of Vitamin E.

3. L’Occitane en Provence Shea Butter Hand Cream – this is a must-have hand moisturizer that contains Shea butter which keeps the skin smooth and silky. This moisturizer has a light scent coming from jasmine and ylang-ylang essences. This moisturizer cream aims to treat, moisturize, and protect dry skin. It also contains antioxidants to impede skin aging when used regularly.

4. The Body Shop Cocoa Butter Hand & Body Lotion – improve the condition of your skin and combat skin dryness using the hand and body moisturizer. This is considered as one of the best hand moisturizers because of its effectiveness in keeping the skin moisturized while leaving a scent of chocolate every time it is used. This hand moisturizer is also helpful for women to minimize appearance stretch marks.


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