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2016-08-03 16:42:18 Vincent Paul Moisturizers
Daily Moisturizer

Top Tips to Get the Best Daily Moisturizer

If you want to take care of your skin well, you should have a daily moisturizer that you can use in a regular basis. The daily moisturizer with SPF cleanses your pores, locks in moisture, protects you from the sun, and can even stimulate skin regeneration if it contains antioxidants. Moisturizers also keep the skin oil-free to prevent the growth of pimples and acne. A good skin moisturizer keeps the skin smooth, soft, and without grease.

Selecting the best skin moisturizer is disappointing especially if you always get the wrong one and spend for it. It is such a waste to buy an expensive daily moisturizer and not make it work well for your skin. Though all moisturizers are good, it is still important to find the one that will match your skin type. If the moisturizer and your skin type do not match, you irritate your skin and worsen the quality of your skin.

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Here are the top tips in choosing the best daily moisturizer:

1. Check for the price – expensive does not necessarily mean the best when it comes to daily moisturizers. There are those that cost for less than $10 which can be good for your skin compared to those that are worth more than $100. When buying a skin moisturizer, do not let the price be your sole criteria for picking out a certain brand.

2. Consider the weather – when buying a daily skin moisturizer, you should take note of the weather. This will help you determine which the right moisturizer is for you. Usually, you will need a heavier moisturizer during winter than summer. On the other hand, a daily moisturizer with SPF can be very useful during summer especially if you plan to go out to the beach.

Daily-Moisturizer13. Go for enriched natural substances – moisturizers with antioxidants are the best choice. These contain enriched natural substances that can fight free radicals that damage the skin greatly. Thus, this kind of moisturizer has the capability to protect the skin from the harsh elements in the environment.

4. Take note of your skin type – the right daily moisturizers is greatly determined by your skin type. Dermatologists have made different categories for skin type and this includes dry, oily, pigmented, non-pigmented, wrinkled, tight, sensitive, or resistant. Knowing your skin type allows you to choose your daily moisturizer easily.

5. Get a moisturizer with sunscreen – it is essential to buy a daily moisturizer with SPF that can protect you from UVA and UVB. A skin moisturizer with SPF 15 is the least required to have. Yet, if you can get one with higher SPF that would be better.


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